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8 Things I am Grateful For – Interrupting Anxiety with Gratitude

23rd February 2015

I saw this great quote on Instagram a few weeks ago when I was in the midst of a really anxious period. In fact, I’m only just coming out of the other side of that but I can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I left my job in January and have been trying to work out what the next step is.  I think I know now and the whole process has been entirely worthwhile.  I will write very soon about why quitting was best for me and what has come out of it…as soon as that next step is confirmed!


So remembering to be grateful has been important to me in the last few weeks.  Here are a few of the things that I am thankful for and that encourage me to interrupt anxiety with gratitude:

1. Spending an extended weekend in Scotland over Valentine’s Day. I had huge amounts of fun with my family there, it was a blessing to have the distraction.

2. Living so close to the sea – it’s my therapy.

3. Having the luxury of time and opportunity to reassess my career. As well as this time affording me space to get my paints out, spend time writing and de-compressing a little.

4. Sister-time this weekend with Alice.

5. The wonders of modern technology that mean getting to speak to my boyfriend whilst he’s away (I’ll deal with the international phone calls on my bill when it arrives!).

6. Supportive parents who have been counsellors, advice-givers and providers of hugs over the last few months.

7. A new niece or nephew that is on it’s way.

8. Gin.

Ok so number 8 isn’t that profound, but sometimes what I really need is a good Gin & Tonic and a dance around the house.

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