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A Doctor Who Baby Shower

14th June 2015
Collage of photos from a Doctor Who Baby Shower

This post is going to reveal one huge secret (or not so secret secret), I’m a bit of a Doctor Who fan.  As is my sister Kate.

When planning Kate’s baby shower, there were several themes that I considered.  They didn’t know the gender of the baby so it had to be something neutral but fun.  I was designing a gift for the new baby (still a work in progress…!) and it inspired the theme for the whole shower.

I settled on Doctor Who, although not the most gender neutral as there is a strong association of navy blue.  After seeking approval from the Mummy-to-be, I set about thinking up decorations and food that would fit perfectly.

We hired the little community hall at our family Church, it’s the perfect size to not feel too big and has a little kitchen which was ideal.


After slinging a huge amount of fairy lights around for starters, we also hung navy blue bunting that my Mum (the new Granny!) had made with the words ‘Timey Wimey Baby Waby’ written in silver.  I set up a central table for the gift hamper and refreshments so used a few bright yellow checked tablecloths which were actually originally made for Mummy-to-be’s wedding so a nice nod to the last big event.  A few Doctor Who accessories like a Tardis and a Sonic Screwdriver were added to the table as well as a special edition Doctor Who Mr Potato Head (YES, really!) that Mum had spotted.  To bring in a little more baby to the shower decorations, we made baby clothes bunting by pegging tiny premature baby clothes (that my sister had worn when she was born!) on a twine washing line that we suspended in the room.  I also put up some posters that I had created which had quotes from children’s literature…this formed one of the games later on!


The amazing labels were a free printable from Three Little Monkeys Studio, I completely fell in love with them and well, why reinvent the wheel when these designs are so pretty?  I stuck them on cocktail sticks and used to decorate.  I also used these gems from Being Geek Chic to add some humour into proceedings.

I could really have fun with the Doctor Who theme here.  We had Time Vortex cookies, Gallifreyan Cupcakes, Bowtie Pasta, Jelly Babies, Self Destruct Buttons (Jammy Dodgers) and some other treats like houmous and crudites. It took me two batches to get the colour of the cupcakes right but in the end some good quality blue food colouring gel helped me win!  I piped the cream cheese frosting and added some sparkly sprinkles. Some classic stripy straws perked up non-alcoholic juice and gave me an excuse to get out one of my many Kilner jars to store!


We played all sorts of fun games – one game that ran all the way through was the ban on saying the word ‘baby’, everyone was given two clothes pegs at the beginning and if you heard someone saying ‘baby’ you could win one of their pegs. The winner was the person at the end with the most pegs!  We also ran a ‘Guess the Due Date’ sweepstake. Guessed animal gestation periods (who knew an elephant is pregnant for 624 days?!), tried to think of as many baby names as we could from A to Z and guessed the children’s book from the quote.

There were two activities that stood out for me as being particularly special.  I had asked everyone attending to bring a plain babygro with them, we supplied fabric pens and had everyone design a babygro.  Everyone pumped their personality into the designs and the Mummy-to-be was able to take them all home at the end of the day, hopefully will get some smiles over the next few months as she uses them!  The other activity that meant a lot was getting everyone to write their wish for baby.  Everyone was given a luggage tag and asked to write a wish for baby, this could be hopes and dreams or a bible verse or encouraging message. Something that was spoken over that little life to remind baby how wanted, loved and cherished they are from the moment we knew they were on their way.


We had so much fun at this shower. I was so glad we went with a stand-out theme as it provided much conversation!  It was nice to do something to mark the occasion and baby arrived early so it was lucky we even managed to fit the shower in.

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