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7th June 2015
Photo of Doctor Who themed cupcakes with hello sweetie sign stuck in

The last six weeks have been a whirlwind.  Seven weeks ago I wrote my last blog post, SEVEN weeks! I had all sorts planned and some even partly written.  Then a series of mad, lovely events happened and the world hasn’t slowed down since.  Seven weeks ago I threw a baby shower for one of my younger sisters.  I have a blog post to publish about it in fact (sneaky peek with the photos with this post!).

Baby mobile in Nursery

One of the games was ‘guess the baby’s birth date’, baby had been showing signs of coming early (Kate went into premature labour at 31 weeks) but the guesses were far ranging from the next day through to one of the girls optimistically picking the actual due date.  That following weekend, my boyfriend and I were on a mini-break in the Cotswolds when I had a phone call to say Kate’s waters had broken – it looked like baby was finally on their way.  That Sunday afternoon, just as I had settled into my train journey back home, I got the call to say that I was an Aunty to a tiny weeny baby boy called Seth Mark.  He was five weeks premature and needed a good dose of the Special Care Baby Unit but after a week, he made it home.


I’m in love, completely and utterly besotted with my tiny nephew. He’s packing on the weight and doing really well.  The new parents are beaming (despite the sleepless nights) and parenthood suit them well.  The new grandparents (first grandchild on both sides) are getting used to being ‘Granny and Grandad’ as well as having a tiny one to spoil!

Other crazy, time consuming events include flat-hunting, packing to move house, three work trips and a weekend in Glasgow!

Blog posts that will be popping up over the next few weeks include: a Doctor Who Baby Shower, a gorgeous nursery that is crying out to be blogged, a weekend in the Cotswolds, a Pinterest round up, ice climbing in Glasgow, the wonderful Blogger Snail Mail project and a few yummy recipes that have been tested recently.

But for now, back to my planning to avoid any more radio silences…

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