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Nursery Tour: A British Woodland

16th June 2015
Collection of photos of woodland nursery

Don’t panic! I haven’t secretly had a baby, this definitely isn’t a tour of a nursery in my own home but it is such a gorgeous room that I just had to feature it.  My teeny tiny nephew is the new resident of this gorgeous nursery so I sat down and chatted with his Mummy to find out more.


Your nursery is gorgeous, how did you go about picking a theme?
Our nursery is British Woodland theme, we’ve got trees, birds and frogs on the curtains, there’s a tree branch and birds sticker on the wall and rabbit wall stickers dotted around too. There’s even a ‘grass’ rug, a toad stall and a badger doorstop! We wanted a neutral theme as we didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl and a theme that wasn’t too ‘babyish’.


Did you start with one piece of furniture or decoration that inspired you?
We actually picked the curtain material first, Mark’s mum made our curtains and Mark and I spent a long time deciding on the fabric and in the end it was falling in love with the one we picked that meant we went with the woodland theme.


How did living in a rental affect your design decisions?
We couldn’t paint the nursery or make any big changes such as the carpet so we had to use accessories and such to create our theme. Luckily our walls are white and the carpet beige so it’s a nice blank canvas! Our landlords are great and let us change the light to one we picked (which is the IKEA Skojig Pendant Lamp in blue) and we were able to put wall stickers up that are removable when we leave. The landlords have since seen the nursery and love it!


What was the most important thing to achieve in your nursery?
It needed to be fun and colourful, pastel colours are great and can be really beautiful in a nursery but we definitely wanted bright colours and a room that a toddler would love as well as a baby as we don’t know how long we’ll be living here! Mark and I are both creative and knew we wanted a nursery that reflected our personalities.


What is your favourite thing in the room?
Ah that’s a difficult one! I love the chest of drawers which we put new knobs on that have animals on them (also I’m a bit obsessed with organising things and the drawers are organised by clothing size which makes me happy), I also love the tree wall sticker and the rug. I think the rug really completes the room. Oh and the owl lamp, I LOVE the owl lamp! I hope you didn’t want just one answer!


Have you made any changes since Seth was born?
Not really, other than a few gifts that have appeared (like the badger doorstop from Mark’s brother), Seth sleeps in our room in a Moses basket at the moment and his cot in the nursery is currently used for clothes storage as we had to get lots of extra preemie clothes that don’t fit in the chest of drawers!


Where did you source your nursery furniture and decorations from?
The furniture was all second hand, the cot was my little cousins, the bookshelf and chest of drawers were eBay and the rocking chair was from a charity shop. The decorations were mainly bought online and at IKEA (stickers, rug and owl lamp were eBay shops).


What is the thing that most people comment on first?
The owl lamp or the tree sticker I think. I’m not too sure, I’m usually excited to show people the room and they don’t get a word in edgeways before I’ve pointed it all out!


What would you do differently next time?
I’m really not sure that there’s anything I’d do differently, what a boring answer!

How long did it take you to get ready? Was it ready in time?!
It took us maybe 3 months for it to be complete, somethings we took longer to find, such as the owl lamp – we knew what we wanted but couldn’t find it in our budget (and actually we spent a bit more on that lamp than we wanted because it’s so beautiful!). The nursery was ready by the time I was around 28 weeks pregnant because I was paranoid I would give birth early. And it’s good job really because I went into labour at 32 weeks (which the Doctors stopped) and then gave birth just before 35 weeks!


…Any other comments?
Just that we had a lot of fun doing the nursery and we’re so pleased with it. I like to think that Seth loves it too although at 6 weeks old he’s completely oblivious to it!

Thank you Kate for sharing your lovely nursery with me!

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