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Settling in: Refreshing an old bookcase

31st July 2015
Photo of the transformation of my bookcase

I’ve had the keys to my flat for a month now. A whole month.  Most of that month I have been away with work or, for the last two weeks, at sea!  So I still have boxes to unpack and settling in to do.

One of the first things I did when I moved in was to overhaul an old bookcase that I meant to tackle the whole 18 months I lived in Chichester.  It was given to me by a lovely lady who I had a mutual friend with and who went to the same local craft group as me.  It’s a battered old school bookcase which she said she had had sat in her garage for a long time waiting to be loved.  I then plonked it in a dark corner of my living room in the Chichester house and meant to get round to sanding it.  I filled it with books and then stopped seeing the shabbiness (despite it most definitely being there!).


When I moved into this flat however, the clean white walls and light-filled living room meant that there was no where for this bookcase to hide and it was in desperate need of a face lift.  So one evening just after I had moved in, I cracked out the sand paper and got to work.

It was already bare, untreated wood so I just gave it a quick rub down with sand paper and made sure it was dust-free.  Slapped (…definitely a good way of describing my painting technique that night!) a few layers of primer on it then set about painting the outside matt white.  The inside made good use of several tester pots I had hanging about.  So the shelves were painted a pale blue and the inside a soft grey.  I like the different colours, it seems to give it a bit of a interest.

shelves2 Once dry, I loaded it up with some of my favourite things and it’s now taking pride of place next to the fireplace.

I still have piles of books waiting to be unpacked so am now on the look out for another book case!


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