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A few new doodles

5th August 2015

I’ve always been one to doodle. I definitely take after my mother in that respect.  I usually travel with a sketchbook and some watercolours so as to alleviate boredom and document things in a different way to a camera.


New designs for cards have been churning out recently as lots of friends have become engaged or got married.  Some of these ideas are being developed at the moment into a new little series that will be available for purchase…so watch this space!


One of my dear friends from University got married a few weeks ago and she asked me to illustrate some quotes to decorate the marquee with.  I had so much fun doing this and loved the quotes she chose.  The originals have all stayed with her but again, some of these will be appearing for sale soon.


Last night I played with a Vincent van Gogh quote (framed in gold above) and I love how chucking it in a glitzy frame transforms it into something quite pretty.

I paint with a mixture of mediums; mostly watercolour as I love to play with tones and blending. However, if I’m out and about I tend to use watercolour pencils as they are easier to transport.  My typography is all hand drawn and blocked out with a fine black ink uniball eye which is waterproof and smudge-proof once dry.

I’m working on a sea-side inspired set of greetings cards at the moment, perfect for summer notes! Hopefully ready for reveal soon…


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