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Hacking the Ikea FÖRHÖJA

30th August 2015

Kitchen space is limited in my new place, it’s just got one wall of cabinets and worktop space which doesn’t quite cope with all my dishes and baking accessories! So I knew I would have to get in a little stand-alone storage but wanted something that would be pretty too. A butcher’s trolley was the perfect solution and would be ideal for a bit of extra serving space for when I have guests for dinner. I spotted the IKEA FÖRHÖJA, which shapes up well and would fit in the space I had available but it’s just a bit plain! So I set about changing it up a little bit…


The original trolley comes in a plain untreated wood so it’s perfect for getting creative on.  I wanted to use it to inject some colour into an, otherwise, very white living area.  I started looking for a suitable paint and settled on the Rust-Oleum Chalky Finish Furniture paint for ease.  They have several gorgeous colours and I was stuck between the ‘Belgrave’ blue and ‘Bramwell’ green.  Phil helped me choose and we settled on the dusky green of ‘Bramwell’.

Photo 10-08-2015 10 19 04

I had bought the trolley direct from Ikea so it was flatpacked and ready for painting.  With a bit of light sanding as all the prep that the wood needed, we got to painting everything but the worktop.  After leaving it to dry and applying a second coat where necessary, we could crack on with following the instructions (no, really, we actually did use them!) and assemble the trolley.

Untitled design

The worktop received a few coats of wood oil and we used a finishing wax on the painted wood to seal in the colour.  I’m currently hunting out some nice little drawer pulls (a little like these) that will fit over the current gaps at the top of the drawers but haven’t found ones that I’ve fallen in love with yet.

Untitled design(1)

For now though, I’m pleased with how it’s turned out.  Holding plenty of cookery books and some of my serving dishes, it has certainly helped tidy up my kitchen space!

Untitled design(2)

  1. Hello. I have the little version. I use it to move food and clean or used dishes before/after we eat on the porch. So I would like the top to be scratch, dirt proof. I am not sure the iil is sufficient. What do you think?

    It turned out beautifully. I must add :-)

    1. How did yours go Torin? I would use a harder varnish for the top if you want it to be scratch proof – the oil doesn’t hugely protect the top but it is still wipe clean! :) B x

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