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Be Love // Free Printable

16th November 2015
Photo of Be Love print in brown frame with bunch of pink roses

Last week we remembered all those who have died for our Country. For those who have fought in wars gone by, for those who fought for hope and freedom.  A fight that is ongoing.

Last week two suicide bombers walked into a busy residential district of Beirut and blew themselves up – killing over 40 people and wounding 200 more.

On Friday, three coordinated teams attacked six locations on a busy Parisian evening leaving at least 129 people dead and hundreds more wounded, many critically so.

The terrorist group Islamic State (IS) have claimed responsibility for the attacks.  Attacks that take away hope and freedom, that attack innocent people in the places they ought to be safest. That bring war to the centre of our cities.

The actions of a small number are devastating. Pain is real but so is hope.

This isn’t going to be a complex blog post debating what, where or who the root evil is. It’s not going to be about what our governments should be doing or shouldn’t be.  Truth is, I don’t know.  I do know that ‘eye for an eye’ has never worked. I do know that we have to commit to being a generation who are tolerant, accepting and loving. I know that we have to love our neighbour.  I know that when we turn a blind eye to racist, bigoted, violent behaviour – we accept it.  We have to take a stand and fight against behaviour that breeds hatred – both at home and abroad.

A few weeks ago I created a simple print for the wall above my desk.  I wanted it to act as a reminder to always show love, to remember to take a deep breath before feeling angry, to be patient and to try and fight for what is right.

‘Be Love’

So here is that print to download, simple in its message. For when there really are no words that can make anything make senses.

Be Love print in brown frame

Please feel free to download this printable for your own personal use only. It may not be reproduced or used for commercial gain.

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