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Why I Love My Commute – the cycle to work

3rd November 2015
Photo of a bike under an arch way

Photo of a bicycle leaning against a window which has a sign saying work in it.

1. No matter what my effort level is or how many layers I wear, I will still end up a little bit red and sweaty.  It’s just my exercise face, it happens, I’ll learn to accept it. It’s just not quite the look I was going for.

2.  Helmet hair. Just wow. (But oh my word, why wouldn’t you wear one?!)

3.  So much smugness whizzing past traffic. So much.


4.  Some towns and cities are really getting the hang of cycle-friendly spaces. There’s a huge difference in provision of cycle lanes and storage where I live and work now compared to Chichester and it makes cycling to work such a nicer experience.

5.  Baskets are fun, until you try to corner with one full of shopping. It’s tricky.


6.  Some drivers are dangerous. Really dangerous. If you’re in a car, please leave us space!

7.  Some cyclists are dangerous. Really dangerous.  It’s a two way thing cycle lovers – don’t expect to ignore red lights and still be safe.

8.  Cycling to work makes such a difference not only is it an easy way of building exercise into my day but also to my purse…big up not paying out for fuel!

9.  Having to re-think cycle to work fashion when I realised I had most probably been flashing my underwear due to my skirt hitching up on the saddle. Red face.


10.  Starting the day with a little bit of exercise, no traffic stress and not contributing to a fug of pollution is pretty sweet.  And you just justified that coffee break cake too. (Not quite the point? Oh shame.)

This commute sure beats 45 mins in the car of a morning or even worse, the 90 minutes into London that I used to do!  What is your commute like? Let me know in the comments!

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