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5 ways to get the PRETTIEST office space on a budget

16th June 2016
5 Ways to get the prettiest office on a budget

We’ve all seen those gorgeous office spaces on Pinterest, the ones that make you think you’ll be oodles more creative if that was where you got to work.

You know the type. All white surfaces, cosy fabrics and cute prints.  You couldn’t help but be productive working at one of those desks.  So how can you transform your own office space without spending a lot of cash?

Sainsbury's Stationary collection
Photo: Stationary by Sainsbury’s

Go Food Shopping
Supermarket home collections have come on in leaps and bounds, you can get some absolutely gorgeous home accessories for very few pennies in Sainsburys, Tesco, Asda and (for a few extra pennies) Waitrose.  From matching stationary sets (ohmygoodness loving the current Spring florals in Sainsbury’s) to pretty storage boxes, the supermarkets are bang on trend but keeping it super affordable.  The best bit? You can sneak your purchases in on your food shopping and pretend that they’re just extra apples ;)

Paint it up
One of the simple ways you can pull a look together is by using a simple colour palette.  If you’ve found accessories that you like but can’t quite find the right colour, try customising using an enamel paint like the Valspar Specialist range at B & Q. You can easily transform glass, metal and wood accessories. We painted up our cheap-as-chips Ikea shelf brackets in Antique Gold and created some fab one-off pieces for less than £15 for four brackets. Painting a few recycled glass jars in the same colour provides a way of tying in the accent colour!

photo of kindness card
Photo: VeraLaLune at Etsy

Grab a card
Everyone loves a good print – a witty quote, inspiring tale or perhaps a cute animal will always get us wanting to get it hung on the wall.   Trends move pretty quickly and I don’t know about you, but I could cover my walls twice over with the prints that I love month by month. A quick, easy and cheap way of changing up the artwork you have is by using greetings cards – just pop into a cute frame and you’re away. Even simpler is pinning it to a cork board or hanging by a bulldog clip…change it up!


Use pretty storage
Everyone loves a storage box! No? Just me?  Well I can’t get enough of them! Ikea have a great selection, we have a mixture of plain storage boxes and woven seagrass baskets on our open shelves above the desk – keeping all my paints, pens and crafty bits under control.

Repurpose old furniture
If you have an old cupboard or bookshelf spare, you can build this into your study space to create room dividers or under-desk storage.  Use a small dining table as a desk to create a working area with plenty of space. Sand down and paint up wooden furniture to give it a fresh lease of life, for very little investment you can end up with gorgeous custom pieces of furniture that leave you with a very uniquely beautiful office space!

We’ve recently been transforming the spare bedroom into a guest bedroom with a home office space. The new look started with a fresh coat of paint. Cosiness was added by buying an Ikea Hemnes Daybed secondhand from a friend before piling lots of pillows on top.  To make the most of what we had available, we’ve used the little dining table from my flat as our new desk and picked up some new shelves to maximise the storage. We’re still tweaking and adding pieces so watch this space for a photo tour very soon!



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