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The Big Question – where it all changed.

11th August 2017
The BIG question - sussex wedding planning

I’m under no illusions that actually, this isn’t a big surprise to anyone however in case you haven’t spotted on social media in the last two weeks my boyfriend asked me a pretty big question and as a result I am now sporting a particularly beautiful ring on my left hand. Lots of people want to know how it happened so I thought I’d indulge in writing it all down so that one day we can look back and say ‘do you remember when…?’. I don’t have any super glossy photos or posed shots to share – simply a few iPhone photos that sum up the hours that followed!

Two weeks ago today, after a relaxed Southsea evening which began with wine tasting at Camber Wines and was followed with cooking dinner together at our flat, Phil directed me to the sofa, told me to put my feet up whilst he cleared the kitchen and handed me The Times. So far, so good for a Friday evening!

I was vaguely aware that he was scrolling through Spotify, landing on one of our favourite songs which I tuned into and called to him to come and dance (we always dance to this particular song!).  By this point he had disappeared into our bedroom so I simply got a ‘there in a minute, just got to get something’.  I headed back to the paper, not thinking he’d be particularly quick.

Suddenly Phil was at my elbow, having practically skidded back into the room and gone straight down on one knee.  He had a ring box open in his hands and I just remember looking at his face as he said ‘Will you be my wife?’.  At which point I think I was in shock, promptly burst into tears and just kept repeating ‘Really? Really?’ over and over.  Poor Phil then had to remind me that ‘really?’ wasn’t quite the answer he was looking for so he asked me again ‘will you marry me?’. Of course the answer was YES!

The evening then melted into phone calls to family, interspersed with gulps of wine and dissolving into tears all over again.  I feel incredibly blessed, very moved and also totally surprised as I was not expecting it at all that evening. In fact, just that day I had been talking with some of the girls at work about the surprise holiday that Phil is taking me on at the end of September and they asked if I thought he might propose. Never did I imagine actually by the end of that day there would be a ring on my finger!  Phil says he didn’t have anything planned apart from the fact that he had had the ring since May and had asked my Dad’s permission the previous weekend.  He was waiting for a moment that felt ‘right’.

The BIG question - wedding planning

In the early part of our relationship, when I was living in Chichester and he, in Southsea. I used to come straight over after work on a Friday to start the weekend. We would head out somewhere for a quick de-stressing drink then head back to the flat to cook dinner together and relax into the weekend.  We haven’t had an evening like that for months and months, possibly over a year, as both of our routines have been so busy so it was well cherished time together that Phil picked for his big question.

We bumbled through the weekend that followed in a haze of completing jobs which had always been on the agenda, seeing some of our dearest friends (again, luckily already planned!) and grinning at each other madly.  I also couldn’t stop staring at the stunning ring that Phil hadn’t just picked but had commissioned especially for me by the wonderful Charlotte Cornelius of Castle Road, Southsea.  It sounds like he had an amazing experience from the moment he set foot in the shop, they made him feel at ease as well as help him pick a diamond before designing the ring around it. I can’t tell you quite how beautiful it is and photos don’t really do it justice but safe to say, he picked very very well!

Now, two weeks on, we have rushed to set a date because Phil was heading back to sea and we hoped to get married next summer.  We’ve booked the church that I grew up in, managed to find a reception venue that will fit our family and friends in and of course, I’ve started a Pinterest board.

The BIG question - wedding planning

Phil has headed back off to work for six weeks leaving me to fill my spare time with Wedmin (what spare time?!), oh and staring at the ring on my finger occasionally!

So here we go! We’re getting married at the beginning of September next year. We have a venue but any recommendations of suppliers for everything else it turns out you need for a wedding are very gratefully received. Despite being an events manager, I’ve done many a formal event but never a wedding from scratch!

What was the one thing you wish you had known or done for your wedding? Or perhaps you did something unusual that made your day?

Please let us know!




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