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Hello and welcome to The Sussex Girl.

I’m Beckie and now live by the beach in Southsea, Hampshire.  Not too far from the hills and only an hour and a half from London town. All in all, a pretty darn good place to live.

By day, I work for a national charity, by night I’m a Navy reservist (luckily not every night!). When I’m not doing either of those things then I like to get creative whether that be in the kitchen or with my watercolours. I’ve spent years chasing the ideal of having a total grip on my diet/finances/fitness/professional development….but I’m not perfect and never will be.  The pursuit is fun though…

I’m a total stationary and homewares addict – one can never have enough cute notebooks or pretty serving dishes.  Also a self-confessed gin connoisseur and wholefood lover.  I wish I was a natural style queen but I’m not…however over the years my style has developed away from disastrous into something resembling passable and I do appreciate a good pair of sparkly shoes.

For a while I’ve written odd bits here and there. I wrote a blog about marathon running in 2012 and have published a couple of posts on there since as I just didn’t know where else to put them.  I’ve been nagged by several friends to start blogging ‘properly’ but have shrugged it off as not something I’d be able to do. However in Spring 2015, this blog was born and I’ve been enjoying the journey of producing content, getting involved with the blogging community and learning that good light/fresh flowers are all you need for an instagram-worthy photo!

So here I am.

Hello to you, nice to meet you.


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Just a quick note…

Occasionally I do accept samples from brands or through PR agencies.  I will only accept an item if it is something that I would usually consider wearing, buying or trying. If I don’t think an item is a good fit for my blog then I will not accept it nor feature it.  I will always make it clear if I talk about an item that has been sent to me to try – you’ll be able to tell these items apart because they will be marked with a little ‘*’ and information about the collaboration will be at the end of the post. I will always be honest in my opinions!

If content has been in any way sponsored or is a collaboration with a brand or company, it will always be stated at the bottom of the original post.

If you think you may have a product or piece of clothing that is something I could be interested in, or would like to discuss sponsoring a post or collaborating with me, then please do drop a line to hello@thesussexgirl.co.uk

For more information, a few cheeky stats and a sprinkling of photos then please download my media pack.