Finland - best holiday - the Sussex Girl

Food for the Soul – travel adventures

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Edible Flower Apple and Sultana Cupcakes - The Sussex Girl

Gluten Free Apple and Sultana Cupcakes

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The Sussex Girl - Allergy and Free From Show Beckie and Alice

Gluten Free Living: the Allergy and Free From Show

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Humble Brush reduce single use plastics - The Sussex Girl

Reducing Single-Use Plastic: The Baby Steps

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Raspberry Super Food Smoothie Bowl

By on 1st February 2018
Raspberry Smoothie Bowl - The Sussex Girl

Breakfast time can get a bit uninspiring. My go-to brekkie is either porridge, eggs and beans or a quick slice of gluten free toast with nut butter (currently loving almond butter). Occasionally I whip up a smoothie, particularly if I’m trying to get some extra vitamins in or if I’m wanting something to drink after […]

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Lessons from working out with a Personal Trainer

By on 20th January 2018
The Sussex Girl - Working out with a personal trainer

Last year I began to work with a Personal Trainer.  I was feeling unmotivated in my exercise routine and apart from  sessions with my netball team I was struggling to get myself into a regular plan that helped me actually make a difference in my health and fitness.  I knew a Personal Trainer through mutual […]

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Fresh Basil Pesto

By on 6th January 2018
Fresh Basil Pesto - The Sussex Girl

Some of the yummiest foods in life are easy peasy to make and when homemade are unrecognisable from their shop-bought counterparts. This basil pesto recipe is one of those foods!  It packs a punch of garlic and pesto which is beautifully offset by the parmesan. It is waiting to be spooned into pasta, drizzled over […]

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