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A Doctor Who Baby Shower

By on 14th June 2015
Collage of photos from a Doctor Who Baby Shower

This post is going to reveal one huge secret (or not so secret secret), I’m a bit of a Doctor Who fan.  As is my sister Kate. When planning Kate’s baby shower, there were several themes that I considered.  They didn’t know the gender of the baby so it had to be something neutral but […]

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Finding time to pause…

By on 7th June 2015
Photo of Doctor Who themed cupcakes with hello sweetie sign stuck in

The last six weeks have been a whirlwind.  Seven weeks ago I wrote my last blog post, SEVEN weeks! I had all sorts planned and some even partly written.  Then a series of mad, lovely events happened and the world hasn’t slowed down since.  Seven weeks ago I threw a baby shower for one of […]

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