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Coconut and Dark Chocolate Cookies

By on 2nd May 2017
Chocolate and Coconut Cookies - The Sussex Girl

There is something so utterly delightful about a pile of freshly baked cookies, straight out of the oven.  Add in a pot of fresh tea (in a teapot please and thankyou), a lovely friend to natter with and I’m pretty much in heaven. This is a super easy recipe that can be chucked in the […]

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Reinventing Sussex Pond Pudding

By on 22nd September 2016
Sussex Pond Pudding reinvented The Sussex Girl

Every region has quirky recipes that no one else around the country has heard of except for those living within the county boundaries. Up and down the UK, strange but wonderful recipes are passed down through the generations. Some get to be a bit better known like the Eccles Cake or Bakewell Tart but some […]

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